Search The Scriptures —Study 13— 1 Corinthians 15: 35-58

Study 13 From The Book of 1 Corinthians Is: 1 Corinthians 15:35-58search the srciptures

  1. What does the analogy of the seed suggest about the relation between our present natural body and our future spiritual body? In what ways will the latter be different from the former? What does verse 38b also imply?
  2. What will take place when Christ comes again? Cf. 1 Thes. 4:13 -18. In view of this, what should be the character of our present life and service?


Verse 36. Resurrection in Paul’s view is not a strange thing, but is embedded in the heart of God’s creative plan, both in nature and in grace.

Verse 49. ‘The image of the man of heaven’ signifies the likeness of Christ in His glorified body. It is this likeness that we are to share. Cf. Rom. 8:29; Phil 3:20, 21; 1 Jn. 3:2.

Verse 51. ‘We’ means ‘we Christians’. Some will be alive when Christ comes.    



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