Search The Scriptures —Study 25— Psalm 33

Study 25 From The Psalms is: Psalm 33search the srciptures

This psalm begins where Ps. 32 left off. The Hebrew word translated ‘rejoice’ in verse 1 is the same as that translated ‘shout for joy’ in Ps 32:11.

  1. The call to praise (verses 1-3) is followed by reasons for praise (verses 4-19). What are these, and do they help you to join in praising God?
  2. What reasons are given as to why the nation whose God is the Lord is blessed above other nations? What is the psalmist’s response to this (verses 20 – 22)?

Note. Verse 3 ‘A new song’: the song of the redeemed. Cf. Ps. 40:3. ‘Play skilfully’: verb. sap, for all who aspire to lead the praise of God’s people.



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