Search The Scriptures —Study 2 — 1 Timothy 2

Study 2 From The Book of 1 Timothy Is: 1 Timothy 2search the srciptures

  1. Verses 1-7. What theological truths form the basis for confidence in prayer?
  2. For whom, and for what, should we pray (verses1:4)? What kind of people ought we to be in personal behaviour if we wish to be effective in prayer and pleasing to God when we meet to pray? With verses 8:10, cf. 66:18; Is. 59:1-3; Mk. 11:25.
  3. Verses 9-15. Paul is not deprecating the role of women in the service of Christ cf. Rom. 16: 1ff.; Phil. 4:2, 3), but he does here forbid women ‘to teach or to have authority over men’ in the local church. Is it conceivable that today change may be permitted in women’s part, or is Paul appealing here to the permanent consequences of the difference made by the Creator between male and female? What is the significance of verses 13 and 14?


  1. Verse 8. “Lifting holy hands”; it was customary to stand when praying and to spread out one’s hands before God. 1: Kin. 8:22.
  2. Verse 15. ‘Saved through bearing children’: a difficult expression. It must be understood here in its context, with reference to the place and function of women. Bearing children is a functions to which women are unquestionably called. In it they will experience God’s saving grace provided they continue in faith, etc.



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