Search The Scriptures —Study 7 —1 Timothy 6:3-21

Study 7 From The Book of Timothy is: 1 Timothy 6:3-21 search the srciptures

With this study we end the book of 1 Timothy and will delve into the very small book of Titus

  1. Verses 3-5, 20, 21. What characteristics of false teachers are here mentioned? What is lacking, and what out of place, in their attitude and practice? From these statements make a list of things to be avoided, if you wish to be an acceptable teacher of the things of God. Set over against them the positive aims desirable in a true man of God (verse 11:14).
  2. Verses 6-10, 17-19. What are the perils of covetousness and wealth? What is the proper attitude to, and use of, material possessions? On what should our desires and hopes be fixed?                              




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