Search The Scriptures —Study 0 — Introduction to Titus

Study 0 From The Book of Titus Is: the Introductionsearch the srciptures

Titus was a Gentile convert (Gal. 2:3), led to faith by the apostle himself (Tit. 1:4). He accompanied Paul on some of his journeys and was sent by him on important missions to churches, as for example, to Corinth (2 Cor. 8:16-18, 23; 12 17, 18) and to Dalmatia (2 Tim. 4:10). This letter reveals that Paul left him in Crete to establish the churches of that Island (1:5).

This letter is very similar to 1 Timothy and was probably written about the same time, in the interval between Paul’s two imprisonments. It is therefore earlier than 2 Timothy.  It emphasizes the importance of order and discipline in the churches. The gospel had evidently made rapid headway in Crete, but, church government was a yet undeveloped (1:5). False teaching also had to be countered, and the apostle has some strong words to say on this subject. But, above all else, the letter stresses the Christian’s calling and obligation to live a holy life. It contains also two great doctrinal passages (2:11-14; 3:4-7), which stand out like mountain ranges in the landscape.



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