Search The Scriptures —Study 4 — Numbers 6:22-7:89. Dedication of the Tabernacle

Study 4 From The Book of Numbers is: Numbers the srciptures

  1. What did it mean for Aaron and his sons to ‘put’ God’s name upon the people of Israel? How did the blessing effect this? See Dt. 28:9, 10: Dn. 9:18, 19; and cf. 1 Cor. 6:11; 2 Cor. 13:14.
  2. Notice how often the words ‘offering’ or ‘dedication offering’ are used in chapter 7. The solemnity is emphasized by repetition. In what way is 7:89 a fitting climax to this ‘build-up? What did it all mean to Israel? Do we ‘offer’ to God in this atmosphere of reverence? What similar climax may we expect when we thus approach God> Cf. Heb. 3:7; 4:16

Note. 6:26. ‘Peace’ (Heb. Shalom) does not mean simply ‘cessation of hostility’. It indicates ‘completeness’, ‘perfection’ or well-being’.



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