Search The Scriptures —Study 28 — Mark 13:24-37

Study 28 From the Book of Mark is: Mark 13:24-37

  1. Among the many puzzling details of this passage concerning the coming of the Son of man, what are the facts about which we can be certain? What particular error do we need to avoid?
  2. If we are expecting Christ to return, what difference should this make to the way we live our lives and why? 2 Pet. 3:10a, 11b, 14.


  1. Verses 24, 25. The phraseology may, as in the Old Testament, symbolize national and international upheavals. Cf. Is. 13: 10; 34: 4; Ezk. 32:7, etc.
  2. Verses 33-37. ‘Watch: i.e., be wakeful and alert.




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