Search The Scriptures —Study 31 — Mark 14:53:72

Study 31 From the Book of Mark is: Mark 14:53-72search the srciptures

The object of the Jewish council was to find legal grounds for putting Jesus to death. It had been previously decided that He must die. (14:1), but some ground must be sought, which would justify their action in condemning Him, and enable them to secure Pilate’s confirmation of the verdict. Cf. Lk. 23:1, 2.

  1. Verses 53-65. Note that the one definite charge, on which the decision to have Jesus put to death was taken, was His claim to be the Christ. Cf. 15:26. How did Jesus declare that His claim would be vindicated? Cf. Acts 2:32-36. What is your attitude to His claim?
  2. Observe the experiences through which Peter passed on this eventful night. What were the contributing factors which finally led up to his denial of Christ? See 14:29, 37, 50, 54. What can we learn from all this that will help us to be prepared for temptation?



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