Search The Scriptures —Study 15 — Judges 17 and 18

Study 15 From the Book of Judges is: Judges 17 and 18search the srciptures

The story of these chapters belongs to the later period of the judges, when Philistine pressure caused the complete displacement of the tribe of Dan and forced it to migrate northwards. There is therefore a general connection with the time of Samson. The tribal league was not functioning, and Micah had no court of appeal for the wrong done to him by the Danites. The narrative shows the decline of true religion and the lawless condition of the time.

1 How would you describe the religion of Micah and the Danites? Wherein did they fall short of true religion?

2 A Levite was supposed to be a man who stood in a special relationship to God. What impression have you formed of this particular Levite? In what respects did he fail to walk worthily of his profession? Cf. Is. 61:8a; Je.23:11; 1Jn. 2:4-6.


17:7. ‘Of the family of Judah’: the words refer to the place Bethlehem, not to the Levite, who was only a ‘sojourner’ in Judah. There was another Bethlehem in the land of Zebulun. Cf. Jos. 19:15.

18:30. ‘The son of Gershom’: the expression need only imply a descendant, not an actual father-son relationship.




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