Search The Scriptures —Study 4 — 1 Peter 2:18-25

Study 4 From the Book of 1 Peter is: 1 Peter 2:18-25search the srciptures

  1. In what ways does Christ’s suffering provide an example for us to follow? What does Peter here suggest that ‘servants’ or ‘slaves’ should learn from it? Do I need to appreciate that this is also part of my Christian calling?

  2. Why was the sinless Jesus willing without protest to submit to the full penalty due to the worst sinners? What purpose was His sacrifice intended to serve? What response and what results ought to follow in my life?

Note. Verse 24. ‘Bore our sins’: to ‘bear sin’ means to ‘endure its penalty’. ‘On the tree’: the wording suggests ‘up on the tree’, i.e., to the extreme limit of shameful crucifixion and, in Jewish eyes, of coming openly under the curse of heaven. Cf. Dt. 21:23; Gal. 3:13.



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