Search The Scriptures —Study 1 — Ephesians 1 :1-14

Study 1 From the Book of Ephesians is: Ephesians 1:1-14search the srciptures

These verses deal with God’s purpose to form a people for Himself and to sum up all things in Christ. Note the reiteration of ‘in Christ’ or ‘in Him’.

  1. In verses 3:6 we are shown this people as conceived in the mind of God. What do we here learn concerning God’s choice of us, His gifts to us, and His purpose for us? Do such thoughts immediately move us, as they moved Paul, to say ‘Blessed be… God’ See note 2 Below.

  2. In verses 7-14 we are shown this same people in process of redemption from sin. What parts are played in this work by (a) God the Father, (b) God the son, and (c) God the Holy Spirit? Of what benefits are we here assured? What response is necessary on our part for their enjoyment?


  1. Verse 3. ‘In Heavenly places’: a phrase emphasizing that the believer’s blessings are spiritual, in contrast to the earthly and material blessings promised to Israel under the first covenant. Cf. Dt. 28:8. The phrase occurs five times in this Epistle. See 1:20; 2:6; 3:10; 6:12. It refers to what today we might term ‘the spirit realm’, or ‘the heavenly sphere’.

  2. Verses 6, 12, 14. Note the recurring reference to ‘the praise of his glory’. The design of redemption is to exhibit the grace of God in such a conspicuous manner as to fill all hearts with wonder and all lips with praise’ (Charles Hodge).

  3. Verse 13. ‘Sealed’: a mark of God’s ownership.

  4. Verse 14. ‘Guarantee’ or ‘earnest’: a first installment given as a pledge that all promised will be paid in full.



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