Search The Scriptures —Study 6 — Ephesians 5: 3-6: 9

Study 6 From the Book of Ephesians is: Ephesians 5: 3-6: 9798b3-search-the-srciptures

  1. 5:3-20. What are the positive motives and guiding principles of worthy Christian action, which the apostle here emphasizes? Add further items to your list (from Study 5) of actions, words and thoughts which ought (a) to be abandoned, and (b) to be expressed. Test your own life in this light. Why is constant watchfulness so necessary? What helps does God give to make such living possible?

  2. 5:21-6:9. The opening verse states a governing, principle. Consider how it is here applied to the common personal relations of everyday life—particularly those of wives, children and servants. What are the distinctive complementary responsibilities of husbands, parents and masters? Particularly notice in each case how the person concerned is in his (or her ) action to relate himself (or herself) to Christ.

  3. 5: 23-32. Study in detail what we are here told concerning the relation between Christ and His Church. What is the goal in view? How is it reached and realized?


  1. 5:14. Paul is here possibly quoting from a Christian hymn, addressed to those who have not yet believe in Christ. Cf. Is. 60:1.

  2. 5:26. ‘The washing of water with the word’: here some simply compare Jn. 15:3; 17:17, but the majority recognize a reference to baptism. ‘The word’ may then refer to (a) the gospel preached, cf. Lk. 24:27; (b) the formula used in Christian baptism, cf. Mt. 28:19, or (c) the answering confession of the person being baptized, cf. 1 Pet. 3:21, AV; Rom. 10:9.

  3. 5:32. ‘A great mystery’: the word ‘great’ here does not indicate that this truth is something ‘very mysterious’, but that this ‘mystery’ or ‘divinely-revealed truth’ is one ‘of great importance’.



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