Search The Scriptures —Study 12 — 1 Kings 14

Study 12 From the Book of 1 Kings: 1 Kings 14798b3-search-the-srciptures

  1. Jeroboam and Ahijah had both been called of God, the one to be king (11:31), and the other as prophet. What was the difference between them in their carrying out of their office, and how does this show what qualities are required in a servant of God?

  2. What two pictures of Rehoboam’s reign are given in verses 21-31? What light do they throw upon the state of the kingdom of Judah, and upon Rehoboam’s character?


  1. The name Abijah, given by Jeroboam to his son, shows that Jeroboam still worshiped Jehovah, for Abijah means ‘my father is Jah’.

  2. Verse 17. ‘Tirzah’ was the residence of the kings of the northern kingdom.

  3. Verses 23, 24. All that is mentioned in these verses was associated with idolatry. Cf. Je.2:20.




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