Search The Scriptures —Study 9 — John 5:1-29

Study 9 From the Book of John is: John 5:1-29798b3-search-the-srciptures

  1. Verses 2-9, the third ‘sign’. What features of Jesus’ power does it reveal? What did He do for the man, and demand from the man, apart from making him walk? See verses 6 and 14.

  2. Verses 17-29. In what terms is Jesus’s relationship with God described? What functions concerning judgment has God given to Jesus, and why? How do these truths concern us?

  3. Verses 16-18. What connection has Jesus’ statement in verse 17 with His healing on the Sabbath? How does this agree with Gn. 2:2,3 and how does it answer the Jews’ criticism of His action?

Note. Verse 25. What is meant here is spiritual resurrection from the death of sin. Contrast verses 28,29.




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