Search The Scriptures —Study 35 — 2 Kings 24 and 25

Study 35 From the Book of 2 Kings is: 2 Kings 24 and 25798b3-search-the-srciptures

With this lesson, we end the book of 2 Kings. Tomorrow, we delve into the book of John and will continue where we left off with John 13.

  1. Looking back to 23:31, what four kings reigned between Josiah’s death and the fall of Jerusalem? What was the length of their reigns, and what was their record, as described in these chapters?

  2. In what ways was Nebuchadnezzar’s treatment of Jerusalem after his second capture of it much more severe than when he captured it the first time? What reasons are given in chapter 24 for the captivity? Cf. 23:26, 27; Je. 15:1-4; Dt. 4:26, 27. What does this teach us about the end of persistent sinning? Yet what star of hope is seen shining in the closing verses of the book? Cf. 2 Sa. 7:14, 15.

Note. 25:22. ‘Gedaliah the son of Ahikam’: see 22:12; Je. 26:24. The story of his assassination is told more fully in Je. 40:1-41:10.



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