Search The Scriptures —Study 40— John 20:11-31

Study 40 From the Book of John: John 20:11-31 798b3-search-the-srciptures

1. Why was Mary so concerned that the body had gone from the tomb? What did Jesus convey to her when He said ‘Mary’? Why did He say, ‘Do not hold me’? Is it possible for us to miss the best in the Lord while holding onto the good?

  1. Does verse 19 show that the disciple were still doubting? What convinced them that Jesus was truly raised from the dead? Why was Thomas moved to make the complete avowal of faith, to which none of the other had yet attained? Was it only that he saw Jesus? How can one who has not seen Him be led to faith in the risen Lord (verses 29-31)

  2. In verse 21-23 the risen Christ commissions His apostles. By what authority, with what power, and for what purpose does He send them?

Note. Verse 17. Note the distinction, ‘my Father and your Father’. Jesus never said of Himself and His disciples, ‘Our Father’, as though their relation to God was not the same as His , He is the only begotten Son; we are sons of God ‘in Him’.



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