Search The Scriptures —Study 7 — Isaiah 10:5-34

Study 7 From the Book of Isaiah is: Isaiah 10:5-34

A prophecy of the Assyrian invasion of Judah.

  1. Contrast the invasion as seen in the mind of the Assyrian king (verses 7-10, 13, 14). and as seen in the purpose of God (verses 5, 6, 12, 16-19). How does this passage help us to understand how the holy God can use evil men or nation to carry out His purpose?
  2. In the stress of the trial it might have seemed that God had cast off His people. But was it so (verses 20-23)? Cf. Rom. 9:27-29. What was the purpose of God’s chastening?
  3. How does today’s portion make more clear the two predictions implied in the names of the prophet’s two sons? See study 5, Note 1.


  1. Verse 17. ‘The light of Israel’ and ‘his Holy One’ are names for God.
  2. Verse 20. ‘Him that smote them’: i. e., the king of Assyria. The ‘remnant’ will have learned the lesson Ahaz had failed to learn.
  3. Verses 28-32. A vivid picture of the approach of the enemy, checked only at the very walls of Jerusalem.



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