Search The Scriptures —Study 41 — Isaiah 65

Study 41 From the Book of  Isaiah is: Isaiah 65

  1. Verses 1-7. What picture of God is unfolded in verses 1 and 2? Cf. Mt. 7:2. Why has He been unable to answer the prophet’s prayer for Israel’s salvation?    59:1-3.  How does God purpose to deal with them (verses 8-12)?
  2. What is to be the lot of God’s chosen people in Jerusalem in the new age that is to dawn (verses 17-25)? What in contrast is going to be the life and end of those who forsake God (verses 11:15)?


  1. Verses 3-7. A condemnation of various idolatrous practices.
  2. Verses 8. ‘When a bunch of grapes hold some good wine, men say, ‘destroy it not, it holds a blessing’ So, God will save the good in Israel.
  3. Verse 11. ‘Fortune and ‘Destiny’: the Hebrew words are Gad and Meni, the names of two gods.



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