Search The Scriptures —Study 8 — Jeremiah 11 and 12

Study 8 From the Book of Jeremiah is: Jeremiah 11 and 12

These chapters fall into three sections: 11:1-17, Judah’s stubborn idolatry and breaking of the covenant; 11:18 – 12:6, a complaint of the prophet because of plots against his life and God’s answer to his questionings; and 12:7-17, which seems to refer to the attacks of surrounding peoples (see 2 Ki. 24:1. 2), and closes with a remarkable promise to these nations on condition of their turning from idols to worship the Lord.

  1. What were the constituent elements of ‘this covenant’ (11:2)? What was God’s part and what the people’s Cf. 2 Cor. 6:14-7:1.
  2. What did Jeremiah do with his perplexities, and what answer did he receive? Can we come with his confidence? Note 12: 5 and 6 in particular. What does this answer of God imply? Cf. Heb. 12:3,4.
  3. Jeremiah is often described as a Christ-like figure. As you read the book chapter by chapter, note the similarities. With 11:21 and 12:6 cf. Mk. 3:21; Lk. 4:24, 29; 21:16.


  1. 11:15. See note on 7:22, 23.
  2. 12:13. ‘They i.e., the people of Judah.






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