Search The Scriptures —Study 13 — Jeremiah 19 and 20

Study 13 From the Book of Jeremiah is: Jeremiah 19: and 20

  1. Reflect on Jeremiah’s courage, and what it must have cost him to deliver the message of 19:1-13. What was his immediate reward? See 19:14 – 20:6.
  2. The strain and tension caused the prophet to break out into a more bitter lament than he had yet uttered (20:7-18). In the midst of it his faith triumphed in the assurance of God’s protection, and he was able even to sing His praise (20:11-13).  Then once more waves of sorrow swept over him.  In the light of this passage, try to enter into the loneliness, hardship and suffering of Jeremiah’s life. Note especially verse 9. Do we know anything of this almost irresistible constraint to speak God’s word, even when we are daunted by the costliness of speaking? Cf. Acts 5:27-29.


  1. 19:5, 6, 11b. See 7:31 – 33 and Note on 7:32.
  2. 19:13. ‘Defiled’: i.,e., by dead bodies
  3. 20:16. ‘The cities’: i.,e., Sodom and Gomorrah; see Gn. 19:24, 25.



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