Search The Scriptures —Study 18 — Jeremiah 27 and 28

Study 18 From the Book of Jeremiah is: Jeremiah 27 and 28

Five kings of surrounding nation seek Zedekiah’s co-operation in an attempt to throw off the yoke of Babylon. Jeremiah opposes the plan.

  1. What means did Jeremiah use to impress upon the five kings the futility of resistance to Babylon? Notice the claim which God made for Himself in His message to these heathen rulers (27:4-7).
  2. What did Jeremiah condemn in the propaganda of the prophets’?
  3. In chapter 28 we have a leading prophet of the time attacking Jeremiah, and we can consider the two men at close range in what respects did they resemble each other, and in what respects did they differ? Ponder Jeremiah’s now unwavering courage in predicting passive acceptance of Babylonian control in the face of prominent religious opposition. What ought we to learn from this?

Note. 27:16-22. Only a part of the vessels of the Temple had at this time been carried off to Babylon.




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