Search The Scriptures —Study 19 — Jeremiah 29

Study 19 From the Book of Jeremiah is: Jeremiah 29

Those who had been carried into exile in the first captivity under Jehoiachin (2 Ki. 24:14-16) were being made restless by prophets who prophesied falsely that they would soon be set free. Jeremiah therefore wrote a letter to them declaring that the exile would last seventy years.

  1. What as revealed to Jeremiah, were the Lord’s thoughts (a) towards the exiles in Babylon, and (b) towards Zedekiah and those who remained in Jerusalem? With verse 17, cf. Chapter 24.
  2. Verses 10-14. What is God’s doing and what man’s in the promised restoration? Note the divine initiative and sovereignty throughout this chapter, and indeed throughout the book.  Note also how its benefits are to be enjoyed.
  3. What three prophets are mentioned by name by Jeremiah? What accusations did he bring against them, and what judgment did he pronounce upon them?


  1. Verse 24. ‘Shemaiah’: that he, too was a prophet is seen from verse 31.
  2. Verse 25. ‘Zephaniah’: probably the same as the Zephaniah who in 52:24 is called ‘the second priest’. i.e., second to the high priest. Cf. 21:1




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