Search The Scriptures —Study 24 — Jeremiah 35

Study 24 From the Book of Jeremiah is: Jeremiah 35

The Rechabites were a small class of sect who regarded Jonadab (cf. 2. Ki. 10:15) as their father or founder, and had received a charge from him to abstain from wine, from settled dwellings and from agriculture, i.e., the marks of a settled civilization. They normally lived a normal life, but in fear of the advance of the armies of the north, they had taken refuge in Jerusalem.

  1. What test did Jeremiah, at God’s command, apply to the Rechabites? And what message did God then give him to take to the people of Jerusalem?
  2. Verses 13-17. Consider the frequency of this complaint: see 7:13, 25, 26; 25: 3, 4, 7; 26:4, 5; 29:19; 44:4. Are you careful to heed God’s word to you, e.g., through teachers and preachers?
  3. What traits of the Rechabites should be the distinguishing features of Christians today? Cf. Mt. 24:12, 13; Heb. 10:36, 38, 39.



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