Search The Scriptures —Study 27 — Jeremiah 39-41

Study 27 From the Book of Jeremiah is: Jeremiah 39-41

The fall of Jerusalem and the events immediately following.

  1. What message did Jeremiah give to Ebed-melech, and why? Cf. Mt. 10:40-42. Is your faith equally practical? Cf. Jas. 2:21-24.
  2. Note Carefully 40:2-3. Could the matter be better summed up than in these words of a heathen officer? Cf. Pr.29:1; Is. 30:9-14.
  3. Most Christians are too ready to believe evil of others. Gedaliah was the opposite. What can we learn from this example?


  1. 39:3. ‘Rabsaris’ means chief of the princes; and ‘Rabmag’, chief of the magi.
  2. 39:4. ‘Between the two walls’: i.e., of the city, probably ‘the wall along the west side of the east hill, and along the east side of the west hill’ (Driver).
  3. 39:5. ‘Riblah’: in the far north, fifty miles south of Hannath.
  4. 41:1. Ishmael was probably jealous that Gedaliah had been appointed governor, and sought to get the remnant of the Jews under his control (41:10).




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