Search The Scriptures —Study 2 — Lamentations 2

Study 2 From the Book of Lamentations is: Lamentations 2

Verses 1-9 deal particularly with the devastation of buildings in Judah and Jerusalem, and the rest of the chapter with the sufferings of various classes of the inhabitants.

  1. Try to imagine the desolation here portrayed and the intensity of the people’s sorrow. Cf. 1:12. What is said of God’s right hand in verses 3:4? Contrast with this such passages as Ex. 15:6, 12: Pss. 63:8; 139:10.
  2. What evidence in this chapter suggests that already the disaster of the judgment is having one of its intended effects? Cf. 2 Ch. 7:13, 14. Are we, as God’s children, as sensitive as we ought to be to His disciplinary dealings?


  1. Verse 2 ‘Habitations’: i.e., country dwelling as opposed to ‘strongholds’.
  2. Verse 4. ‘Tent’ here denote the city.
  3. Verse 6a refers to the Temple. ‘He has broken down his tabernacle like a garden hut’ (Gotwald)
  4. Verse 22a. Instead of summoning worshipers to a festival, God has called together ‘terrors on every side’, so that none of His people escaped. Cf.Is



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