Search The Scriptures —Study 58 — Psalms 74

Study 58 From the Book of Psalms is: Psalms 74

The psalm starts in anguish, because of the ruined sanctuary. At verse 12 it changes completely into a resounding hymn of praise to God, Creator and Redeemer. But both sections contain earnest pleas for God to act on behalf of His name and of His own.

  1. Consider (a) the psalmist’s survey and summary of Israel’s shattering defeat (verses 1-11); and (b) how he then reminds himself that God is Creator, Redeemer and King (verses 12-17). As a Christian, can you face disaster and discomfort with such an assurance about God? Cf. Rom. 8:18, 28.
  2. Note the boldness and the persistence of the psalmist’s requests. See verses 2, 3, 10, 11, 18-23. What is the basis of his confidence? Have you learnt thus to plead in prayer both for Church and nation? Note the reasons the psalmist gives why God should answer.

Note. Verses 4, 9. ‘Our signs’: i.e., the outward signs of the worship of God had been replaced by heathen ‘signs’ setup by their enemies.




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