Search The Scriptures —Study 61 — Psalms 78: 1-39

Study 61 From the Book of Psalms is: Psalms 78: 1-39

  1. A nation’s history may teach many different lessons. From verses 1-8 what do you consider this psalm’s main purpose is? What light do these verses throw upon the necessity and importance of family religion? Cf. Dt. 6:6-9, 20-25.
  2. From verses 1-39 make a list of (a) God’s saving acts for His people; (b) the nation’s sins; (c) God’s judgments. In particular, from verses 34-37, consider the difference between true and false repentance. Cf. Je. 29:13. Is your life free from a similar monotonous. Cycle of relapses? How, according to verses 1-8, may we avoid such failure?




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