Search The Scriptures —Study 63 — Psalms 79 and 80

Study 63 From the Book of Psalms is: Psalms 79 and 80

These two psalms are national prayers in times of national disaster. In Jewish synagogue worship Ps. 79 was prescribed for use in commemoration of the destruction of the Temple in 586 BC and in AD 70. Try to recapture the sense of desolation which pervaded the nation (79: 1-4, 7, 11; 80:12, 13), together with the feeling that exile brought dishonour to the Lord’s name (79:10; cf. Ezk. 36:20).

  1. 79. Note here the plea for vengeance, coupled with prayer for forgiveness and deliverance. Cf. Is. 35:4; 59:16-19; 63:3, 4. The new Testament is no less concerned for God’s glory, but its spirit is different Cf., e.g., Mk. 11:25; Rom. 12:19-21. How do you account for this difference?
  2. 80. What do the Israelites here confess concerning god’s attitude toward them and His treatment of them? Where does their only hope of salvation lie? What ought we to learn from this?


  1. 79:3. ‘there was none to bury them’: a disgrace threatened in Dt.28:26; and repeatedly predicted by Jeremiah (7:33; 8:2; 9:22).
  2. 80:1, 2. The three tribes here mentioned camped west of the tabernacle in the wilderness, and immediately followed the ark when the people were on the march. See Nu. 2:17-24.
  3. 80:17. This verse point forward to the Messiah.



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