Search The Scriptures —Study 30 — Ezekiel 40:48 – 41:26

Study 30  From the Book of Ezekiel is: Ezekiel 40:48 – 41:26

  1. Follow with the aid of diagrams 1 and 2 the prophet’s further examination of the Temple, as he comes first to the sanctuary itself, with its vestibule and two pillars (40:48, 49), holy place (‘nave’, 41:1), most holy place (‘Inner room’, 41:3, 4), and side chambers or cells built in three storeys (41:5-11). The interior of the sanctuary is described in 41:15b-26.
  2. Note that Ezekiel, as a priest (1:3; cf. 44:16), entered into the vestibule and the holy place, but not into the most holy place (41:3: 4). Why did he not enter the most holy place? Contrast our privileges in Christ. See Heb. 9:6-9, 24; 10:19-22.
  3. There were palm-trees both in the inner sanctuary (41:18-20), and also on the gate-posts of the outer and inner courts (40:16, 22, 31). So, also in Solomon’s Temple (see 1 Ki. 6:29; 7:36). Applying this to the temple of our lives, what does it suggest both as to the hidden life of communion with God, and the outer life seen by all? Cf. Ps. 92:12-14; Je. 17:7, 8.


  1. Verse 7. The meaning is that at each storey the walls facing the cells were made less thick, to leave a ledge for the beams to rest on, and thus the rooms on each floor were a little broader than the rooms below.
  2. Verse 11b. The sanctuary stood upon a raised platform six cubits higher than the level of the inner court (verse 8), and occupied the whole platform except for a marginal strip running round three sides on the outer edge.
  3. Verses 12-14. Another strip of ground, at the level of the inner court, encompassed the sanctuary platform, and is here called ‘the temple yard’. It marked off the sanctuary from other buildings nearby. (other buildings are mentioned in 42:1-14; 46:19, 20).
  4. Verse 22. The table here spoken of, which looked like an altar of word, was probably the table of shewbread.





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