Search The Scriptures —Study 0 — Introduction to the book of Colossians

Study 0  From the Book of Colossians is: The Introduction of the Book of Colossians


Colossae was one of a group of three cities (of which the other two were Laodicea and Hierapolis; cf. Col 4:13).

While there was cause for thanksgiving (1:3-5; 2:5), yet there was ground also for deep concern because of the dissemination of a plausible false teaching, which, dressed in the garb of an enlightened philosophy (2:8), claimed to be a higher form of Christianity. Would they have full emancipation from evil? Then they must observe circumcision and practice a strict discipline.  Would they have access to the divine presence? Then they must worship angelic beings, by whose mediation they might draw nearer to the throne of God. No doubt these teachers gave Jesus a high place, but it was not the supreme place.

Paul’s answer is to set forth Christ Jesus as pre-eminent in every sphere, and as all-sufficient for the believer’s need. This is the main theme of the letter, which stands out among all Paul’s Epistles for the fullness of its revelation about the Person and work of Christ. It contains also in brief compass a wealth of practical instruction for Christian living.




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