Search The Scriptures —Study 0 — Philemon

Study 0 From the Book of Philemon is: The Introduction of the book of Philemon


The epistle to Philemon contains no systematic presentation of doctrine. It has one avowed purpose—to ask Philemon to receive back a runaway slave who had been in his service and had absconded with his money.  The man had come into contact with Paul in Rome and had been converted and transformed into a new man. It was not easy for Paul to let him go; it was harder still for Onesimus to face his former master.  But it was hardest of all for Philemon to take him back.  These men were Christians, however, and that made all the difference. The letter is one of great charm, tact, graciousness and love, and provides and unforgettable picture of Christianity in action.  Though no place-names are mentioned, it is clear that the letter was written at the same time as that to the Colossians.


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