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I HAD IT ALL FIGURED OUT!  Then, God Happened……

I have to confess that when I was about to publish my first Christian book, my previous plan was to go out there and make a name for myself. I had it all planned out and I knew exactly how I was going to make it as a writer. I knew exactly where I wanted to be as an author, speaker and expert in my field. I was so sure how I was going to impact the world for Him. Above all else, my intentions were pure, at least that’s what I thought. I wanted my lukewarm brothers and sisters to taste how good He is, like I did. More than anything else in this life, I wanted everyone to learn to love Him and live a deep life of oneness with Him, right here and now.

While my ideas were pure, but, I wanted to build a brand where people would have been saturated with my pictures and the message of the gospel out there. I was going to be invited on every Christian radio and television shows in North America.  Funny thing is, it was as if Satan knew my weakness because, suddenly I had two offers. One  in leadership of a Pentecostal Church where the Pastor was impressed with me, my knowledge of God and my plans to touch the world for Him. The second offer was basically the same but with a ground breaking Baptist Church. To my surprise, God spoke to my heart and told me “silly child of mine, you are going to be completely anonymous while I do the work through you!” Needless to say I was heart broken, and once more, my dreams were shattered. But, I knew there was no disputing His will and plans for my life and I had to make room for Him because, in the end, it is not about me.

Strangely, all the time I was planning to impact the world for Him, in my way, I had no idea that I was making it about me and everything was in the flesh. We can be so blinded by  the corrupt nature of our own hearts and the subtle work of Satan who truly enjoys luring us away from God, that we are totally oblivious to what is obvious to everyone else.

In His Agape Love,

M. J. Andre

Living Out A Never Ending Love Story With My Master & Redeemer!

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