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Search The Scriptures —Study 1 — Nehemiah 1

Study 1 From the Book of Philippians is: Nehemiah 1

  1. How long did Nehemiah brood over the news about Jerusalem before he took action (see Note 1 below)? Note the sequence of events—one which is often seen when God calls His servants to a particular task.
  2. What can we learn from the example of Nehemiah’s prayer? Note his attitude, his knowledge of the Scriptures, his grounds for expecting prayer to be answered. Dt. 7: 9-12; 29; 30 provide a background to the prayer.


  1. Verse 1. The month Chislev correspond to our November-December, and Nisan (2:1) to our March-April.
  2. Verse 11. ‘Cupbearer’: a high official, who had the duty of tasting wine before it was handed to the king, lets it should have been poisoned.